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The things a new employer might check

There are many different pre-employment checks. At the very least, a business has a legal responsibility to check all new employees right to work in the UK and most organisations also reference before people start. Our useful guide will help you understand anything else a new employer might investigate.

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How to deal with bullying at work

Bullying at work can take shape in many different forms. We expect the perpetrator's actions to be aggressive and in your face but in reality workplace bullying is more subtle so harder to spot. Our helpful guide will show you how to identify bullying at work, how to stop it and advice on getting support.

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The difference between employee benefits & staff perks

There's more to a job offer than just the salary. Find out which benefits are truly advantageous and navigate your way through the maze of superfluous extras with our practical guide.

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The signs you need to find a new job

Some indications that it's time to leave an organisation are obvious whilst others are harder to spot, and ignored, because people believe they're a normal part of working life. Our honest guide will help you decide if enough is enough.

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How to ask for a pay rise

Most people are uncomfortable with asking their employer for more money, but when you work hard and go above & beyond your job requirements it’s natural to want a decent pay rise, so here’s our simple guide to help you get your worth.

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How to have a great first day in a new job

The first day at a new company is likely to make even the most confident person a little anxious so here’s our straightforward guide explaining what to do when starting a new job, and how preparation can help you handle first day nerves.

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