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The signs you need to find a new job

Everybody has the odd bad day at work and it’s normal to feel bored or frustrated every now and again. There’s nothing wrong with occasional blips, unless of course you find that it starts to happen regularly and every other day seems to be horrendous. If you recognise too many of the signs below then it’s time to seriously think about finding a new role.


It’s a definite red flag if you’re no longer feeling engaged at work and spend the day clock watching. Most jobs can be a bit monotonous but if your role is no longer challenging and every day is the same then you need to think about leaving.

Dreading Mondays

Hardly anybody loves Mondays and there’s nothing unusual about feeling a bit down when it arrives. However, there is a problem when the Monday Blues start the night before. If you're in the right role, you shouldn’t find yourself dreading work or feeling anxious about it on Sunday evenings.

Lack of Training & Investment

It’s important to keep learning new things at work and to feel that management are investing in you and your future. People need to progress and move forward in a role otherwise it becomes stagnant and they will feel undervalued. You have a serious problem if you haven’t been given your own personal development plan and there are no signs of meaningful training happening in the near future. It might be worth looking elsewhere to see what other opportunities are available to you.

Bigger role, same salary

Some organisations take advantage. Employment is a business contract, and you should be paid for the work you do. If your manager has given you extra tasks and more responsibility, then you should have been rewarded with a reasonable salary increase. If your workload has grown and grown but your salary remains the same, it’s time to stop being a doormat and move to a company that rewards you fairly.

Lack of recognition

Recognition comes in many forms such as pay increases or bonuses, being given the opportunity to learn new skills or take on fresh responsibilities, genuinely being asked for advice or expertise or just generally feeling like a valued employee. If you feel ignored, unappreciated, or like you’ve been written off by your employer, then it might be time to find a company where they’d be pleased to have you.

No work-life balance

Even if you enjoy your job it’s still important to have a work-life balance that suits you. If you’re regularly working extra hours because your workload is unmanageable, or your boss expects you to work in your own time then it’s time to rebalance things and put yourself and your health first.

Long commute

We spend a lot of time at work so it’s not a good long-term plan if we're also spending long hours every week travelling to and from the office. This can significantly eat into your free time leaving you have hardly any time to unwind and relax. If your employer won’t commit to significant remote working then it’s probably time to get a new job nearer to home.

Never-ending out of hours emails

Some managers refuse to respect boundaries and continue to send a barrage of emails whilst you’re not at work. Some are so disrespectful that they even harass people whilst they are on holiday. It’s impossible to rest properly if your phone is pinging with a work email every five minutes. Apart from being your legal right, your personal time is important to your health and wellbeing, so it’s time to look for a better opportunity if your boss won’t back off or the company culture endorses such behaviour.

Problems with your sleep

Obviously, being stressed at work affects your sleep. Going over the day’s events or worrying about an increased workload, and not being able to switch off and rest properly is extremely bad for your health. A good night’s sleep is required for your physical and mental wellbeing, so you need to change roles if this is an on-going issue.

Health problems

It isn’t just sleep that is hindered by pressure at work. Working in a stressful environment can also lead to anxiety and depression. Recent studies have shown that over half a million employees in the UK are suffering from work-related mental health conditions. This is a huge amount of people and a horrific example of the effects of certain modern working practices. If your health is so badly affected by your job or workplace atmosphere and you’re unable to find a suitable resolution, then it’s vital to leave.

Too many employees fail to recognise or put up with serious issues at work. This can have significant implications on your health so should never be ignored. It’s important to view looking for a new role as a positive move and that the only negative would be to continue enduring your current nightmare.

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