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Happiness at work.

We’re specialists in recruiting contract and permanent IT professionals for social housing and local authorities, charities, education and software houses.

But, more importantly, we’re specialists in helping you find a role that will make you happy too.

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Today's the day to be brave

We know from personal experience how scary it can be to make a big change in your career.

That’s why, when we founded Lioness Recruitment, we decided that, to help people find a more rewarding career, we’d have to stand for something more than simply getting you a job.

So, when you’re ready to find out what else is out there, we’re ready to help you be the best and bravest version of you.

Careers handled with care

There’s an easy way to do recruitment. And then there’s the right way. That’s why everyone who comes to us for help is treated with these four key Lioness values.


When you talk to us, you’re talking to people who know your industry, know the value of your skills and know what clients will be looking for. Because, we think, it takes specialist experience to find specialist careers.


When some recruiters say ‘tenacious’ what they really mean is rude. And while you can count on us to push hard to get you the best career move, you can be sure we’ll never forget our manners.


This should be a given for recruiters, but we’ve been doing this for 20 years and let’s just say, we’ve seen some stuff. That’s why, every step of the way, all you’ll ever hear from us is the truth.


We know looking for a new job can be tiring, physically and emotionally. That’s why, no matter what we stand to gain or lose from a placement, our priority will always be making sure you’re ok.

We give 100%.

Then we give one more.

The success of Lioness gives us the opportunity to make someone’s life a little better. That’s why 1% of our gross profits go towards supporting some incredible charities.

And, because we ask the businesses we work with to help choose the charities we support, we can help make a difference in a sector that matters to all of us.